Here’s a little look back at my wedding photography in 2017.

I simply looked back through everything I had photographed in wedding assignments last year and selected some of my favourite images. It might not the ones that I want to attract every bride and groom out there to my photography but it is the images that best represent the way I work and what I look for on a wedding day. Some of them might not technically perfect, that’s for sure. However, for me, it just really emphasizes what my style is all about. There is a huge amount of happiness, emotion, love, tenderness…..all of that, in those images.

For me weddings are always about people and not places. Over the years, I have been working as a photojournalist and developing my ‘style’ on how to tell a story. I photograph each wedding day in a reportage/documentary style, which means that I'm not focused on directing the day but on capturing it in the best way possible as it unfolds. I believe that every wedding is a unique story. I focus on capturing the special moments as they occur in order to translate the emotions, reactions, and their "story" into beautiful images.

I worked with some great couples and photographed so many different types of wedding from small, home-grown affairs with a few family & friends through to enormous weddings in very large venues and everything in between.

Anyway – here’s my look back at 2017.

30 couples, 30,000+ images, 30 different venues, 4000 guests, 3 cameras, loads of memory cards…

The technical note about the following images.

Camera: Fujifilm X-T2, X-Pro 2 and X-E3

Lens: XF14mm, XF23mm f1.4, XF23mm f2, XF50mm, XF56mm, XF16-55mm and XF50-140mm

Flash: EF-X500 with Battery pack EF-BP1

Film simulation: Astia, Acros, Acros+R and Monochrome

ISO: 200-6400

WB: Auto

Shutter speed: Auto

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