This is a good assignment to start the new year, X-T2 V3 firmware upgrade had been installed and checked on my trusted X-T2s.

The 2018 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships determines the Olympic team for Pyeongchang. Canada has three berths in women's singles at next month's Olympics. 

Men's singles will be one of the most hotly contested events at the national championships since Canada has just two spots in that discipline at the Pyeongchang Olympics. Patrick Chan is most likely guaranteed to lock up one spot. Kevin Reynolds, Nam Nguyen, Keegan Messing and Nicolas Nadeau will be among those battling for the second berth.

Did you know how fast do these professional skaters spin? In a Triple Axel to get around three times, the skaters spinning about 0.15” per jump. For Quad, they are spinning once at about 0.12”. So my default shutter speed was set to 1/1000”, I can also bring down the shutter speed to 1/800, 1/640 if needed by using the rear dail. Just remember to set the button to “On” under Setup - Button/Dial setting - Operation. As all the photography position were assigned by Skate Canada, I couldn’t pick my prefered angle. The reserved photography spots are close to the judge panel so I desired to setting my AF-C custom setting to 4 (For Suddenly Appearing Subject) to capturing the skaters passing by from left and right.

I can tell the AF-C tracking improved a lot especially initial focus acquire is very snappy now. Tracking moving subjects with Single or Zone focus point are improved. It does increase the keeper rate. The Single point would be good for the moving subjects are small in your composition as you can change the focus point size on the fly.

I am so happy that Fujifilm launched the Fujifilm X RAW Studio software and it’s free. I love the jpeg photo quality out from my cameras. It’s quite troublesome if you have to convert a number of photos or evaluate different settings of the RAW conversion without this new software. Please find below all the photos are converted by the Fujifilm X RAW Studio with my trusted X-T2 connected.

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