Due to my hatic assignments schedule in this summer, I could only cover the last day of the Crankworx Whistler Red Bull Joyride in August. The popular Red Bull Joyride marked its sixth anniversary this year, drawing the biggest crowds and some of the best riders to Whistler for the slopestyle, dirt jump mountain bike competition.

All shots with X-T2 pre-production camera with XF100-400mm lens and X-Pro 2 with XF10-24mm lens, for the technically minded. ISO from 200-4000.

It was a windy and cloudy day with sunny break in between. As all the sloes were man made, the dirt was always flying everywhere. The best way is that do not changing lenses right at the spots. So I had the X-T2 with the big gun XF100-400mm lens on my right and the X-Pro 2 with the XF10-24mm lens on my left. That’s all what I need.

The challenging part of shooting this event was that the race was only two hours and every athlete only rode two runs. Sometimes you might even only have one shot if a rider falls. You have to learn and understand the game you are shooting, anticipate the three "WWW", what is going to happen, when and where.

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