Fujifilm X-T1 - Sport assignment - Joe Ng


This is not a technical review, as you can find a lot of good ones on the Internet. I’m a photojournalist and my main interest is covering sport events. My Nikon D700 was my work horse for the past couple years. I bought a Fujifilm X100S on the most recent Black Friday after hearing lots of good things about it. There’s a vintage feel to the X100S when I hold it to my eye. It is a latest technology digital connection to the past that feels right.

Am I emotionally connected to my Fuji? I’m not sure since I’ve never had an emotional connection to a DSLR before. I remember when Fuji first announced their release of the X-T1, I was thinking about whether or not I could live with it for all my assignments. The weight of my D700 body, grip and lens were definitely some of the main factors of why I wanted to make the switch. So I pre-ordered the X-T1 and received it 10 days ago. I had an assignment to shoot an indoor track race for Gastown Cycling, a local cycling club in Vancouver, BC Canada. I wanted to put the X-T1 to use with the 55-200mm on the field and try testing its limits. I realized that the lighting wasn’t the greatest, so I had to have the ISO on 6400 the whole time. I also tried 12800 for a while, but unfortunately it doesn’t support RAW file. I finally backed off to 6400. The first challenge was how to manage the AF Continuous Focus Tracking. The constraint is that you cannot move your AF point away from the centre 9 points Phase Detection area vs all fully functional 51 AF points in my Nikon D700. The second challenge was the initial acquired focus time. The performance of the continuous focus tracking was very similar to my Nikon D700 once the subject was locked.

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