Last day of the 2016 Hastings Horse Racing Season - Joe Ng


Closing day arrived on Sunday, high winds and steady rain to wrap up the final day of the 2016 season at Hastings Racecourse. The crowd was not large and the track was wet, although the track crew did make it raceable and all the jockeys appeared to come back safely. I got wetter and wetter, and the cold got inside of me, sapping my spirit, numbing my fingers and making my eyes cross.

Shot on a X-T2, and with a XF100-400mm lens. How is it possible to staying by the race track shooting all day long that I described above. I’m like a three year old at the beach. Give me a shovel (X-T2) and a bucket (some lenses), and I’m happy, even if the sand is wet. Getting your eye in the camera and trying to work it out is the perfect prescription for distress, in my unpredictable world.

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