Every year since, Canadians have honoured their veterans and war dead with a ceremony and moment of silence on November 11th at 11am. Why this day? It marks the date and time when armies stopped fighting World War I. on November 11th at 11am in 1918 (the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month). Some 100,000 Canadian soldiers died in the First and Second World Wars. 

You might be still digesting the news about Donald Trump shocked our neighbour and the world when he captured the necessary 270 electoral college votes on Election Day, and will become the 45th President of the United States when he is inaugurated early next year. But today is not the moment for the political topics. It is a day for remembering that in addition to our gratitude to the slain, we have important duties to our living veterans. Many of them paid the ultimate price so that we can sleep safely each night and so our children will grow up safe and free.

I think that we should pay tribute not just on Remembrance Day but all year round, and believes our country would look very different if it were not for those brave generations before us. To all those who serve, and have served this country, and to the families that support them: thank you. We will never forget.

Lest We Forgot

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