Finding Seoul with my Fujifilm X100S - Joe Ng


It has been 8 months since I fell down the Fuji X-Series rabbit hole. It has been a wonderful experience and changed everything about my photography. I have been taking them on paid assignments and never been disappointed. I travel light with my Fujifilm X100S for my family vacation in Seoul, South Korea last month.

In only a few decades, this capital has transformed itself from an impoverished city decimated by the Korean War to one of the most prosperous and high-tech places in the world. Seoul was once one of Asia’s most underrated cities, but thanks to the Korean pop culture and cell phone waves that has swept the fashion, entertainment and technology globally. Korea has long been dwarfed by China and Japan, far more populous nations that have colonized the Korean Peninsula, and so this recent cultural hegemony has given Seoul residents a newfound confidence, even exuberance, in their city.

Seoul offers a wide a variety of activities, from small street markets and alleyways, to large shopping districts, old villages, parks and river walks, all accessible via the city’s sprawling metro system. Photographers of all fields should have no problem capturing unique and memorable moments. Here are some photos I took on my trip. All of them were shot RAW with minor adjustment in Lightroom.

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