The Black Widow Holster Kit by Spider - Joe Ng


I’m always looking for better ways to use and carry my gear. Since I usually bring three cameras to my wedding assignments, I find myself carrying them all using neck straps and sling straps while shooting. The sling strap feels a little big for my Fujifilm cameras, even for the X-Pro2, which is why I began searching for alternatives. I was aware that some other X-Photographers were using holsters for their Fujifilm cameras. I saw the holster for the first time in person when chatting with Billy Luong, one of the Fuji Guys at a Fujifilm photowalk in Vancouver. He had one for his X-T10 and it seemed to work great, so I decided to try one out myself. Specifically, I tested out the Black Widow Holster Kit and wanted to share my thoughts on it in this blog.

The Black Widow Holster kit comes with a holster, belt, and hip pad for extra comfort. The holster fits right onto your waist belt and is curved so it fits the shape of your body. The ball-joint pin is attached by a washer and a screw which fixes to the bottom of your camera in the tripod mount and is tightened by the provided wrench. Overall, it’s simple to set up and takes less than a minute to slip the holster onto your belt.

To lock the camera into the holster, you just slide it down the track and it clicks into place, locked by the red plastic lever. To release, pop the lever and you’re good to go. I tested out the holster with my X-Pro 2 while using different lenses (23mm f1.4, 35mm f2, 56mm f1.2 and 10-24mm f4), all of which sit comfortably on my waist. The 50-140mm lens will definitely be a big no as it’s too big for this holster model, so I still use this lens with my other X-Pro 2 while using the original neck strap provided by Fujifilm.

Overall I really like this little holster and how much it frees me up and allows me to move more. My key concern though is that the ball-joint pin will loosen over time or I’ll miss the track when sliding the camera into the holster, both resulting in my camera dropping to the floor. I’ve been using it for a couple assignments now and everything has been going well so far. The ball-joint pin remains tightly screwed on to the tripod mount and I can easily take the camera out of the holster.

One more thing, Spider just launched the SpiderLight Hand Strap Kickstarter which is designed for mirrorless cameras. I’ve been looking for a hand strap that fits my different Fujifilm cameras and I can’t wait to try this one out. You can find out more details from the link below.

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