I was covering the 2016 WTF World Taekwondo Junior Championships on my own as always. I covered the last two days of the competitions that were the semifinals and finals. Over 800 of the best junior taekwondo athletes from around the world battle it out for international honours. Potential champions would take the plaudits, further underlining their potential as Tokyo 2020 Olympic candidates.

My day started at 9am at the media centre, checking out the potential athletes session schedule and locating the courts. There were five courts and 20 matches per court daily. For this kind of assignment, a well defined workflow is a must have item in your pocket.

The day ended by 9pm, I would select my takes as quickly as I could before past midnight. Using Photo Mechanic, I would tag, color code and enter the captions for the best of the day, being pretty severe in the edit. Therefore I could minimize the number of photos that going to be imported into Lightroom for a quick touch. I would tone, size and color correct some of the files and drop them to the photo editor by midnight.

I shot RAW+JPG with X-T2 & X-Pro 2 and have them be written onto two separate SD cards. It’s one of the features that I‘ve missed for more than two years after I switched from Nikon to Fujifilm. Thanks to the great lighting set up by the organizer, my ISO roamed mainly from 1600 to 3200. Also the flip up LCD screen on X-T2 saving my back for all the low angle shots.

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