On June 13, Fujifilm released their updated firmware for the X-H1 mirrorless camera. This takes the current firmware to version 1.10. You can have the full list upgraded features from here http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/firmware/x/xh1/index.html

I received the beta version 1.10 just in time for covering the 2018 Cloverdale Rodeo event. My focus is how much improvement of the AF from this upgrade. I loaded the beta version for the two X-H1s. I am always happy and excited coming back to photographing the cowboys. It is fun and also dangerous. In the media zone, we can shoot right behind the fence but you have to be ready to leave your shooting position once the horse or cow approaching by. You have no ideas when they show up right by suddenly. The rule of thumb is that do not chimping your images. Some fellows got a hit by rocks on themselves or their lenses when they backed off too late.

I had two X-H1 loaded with the beta v1.10 mounted with the XF50-140mm and XF100-400mm lenses. I can feel the snappy AF performing well in the late afternoon light right the way. The bull riding started around 8:30pm and the AF was still performing well in low light. In comparing with the X-T2 with the latest v4.10, I would say the X-H1 AF performance is slightly ahead of the game. Don’t get me wrong, I will still have my X-T2 in my bag but I have paired the the XF50-140mm and XF100-400mm lenses with the X-H1 as default.

The following video is created with 37 frames shot by X-H1 with XF100-400mm lens at 11 frame per second, AF-C with AF-C custom setting 4.

Check out the 37 frames from here. Btw, I would highly recommend to use the UHS-II SD card if you’re into the actions or sports photography. I don’t think I can get up to 37 frames with the UHS-I SD card. 

The technical note about the following images:

Camera: Fujifilm X-H1

Lens: XF14mm, XF50-140mm and XF100-400mm

Film simulation: Classic Chrome

ISO: 320-6400

WB: Auto

Shutter speed: 1/500-1/1900

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