Continuing a blog on the Fujinon XF200mm lens that I love, and it finally landed at my door before I head to Whistler to covering the 2019 BMW IBSF World Championships. I don't find any difference in term of image quality between my production unit and the prototype unit I used before. There is a Fujifilm green colour band rounded on the big lens hood on the production unit to distinguish Fujinon lens from the other competitor.

That is a lot of reach in a small package, to be sure. And the gain of an f-stop in today’s sport games where I can shoot at f2 with 1/1000 ISO3200 at indoor Stadium or outdoor in late afternoon. The new XF1.4X teleconverter comes with this piece of glass makes it a perfect combo. I can have an environment action shot and a tighter one at the same location and benefitting enormously from the compression of the 300mm and 400mm stuffed into this puppy.

And, from what the engineers calculate, it has 5 stops image stabilization incorporated into it. That makes handheld shots like this environment very doable. I had to move around along the track on icy uneven ground. Shot this assignment with Fujifilm X-T3 cameras with perfectly translated, both in terms of sharpness, and follow focus.

And, the Fujinon XF200mm lens fits in my new MindShift Backlight 26L Backpack nicely with 3 x X-T3s, XF10-24mm, XF16-55mm, XF50-140mm and speedlight.

It’s crazy to have that super fast f2 telephoto lens in such a small package. But the technology advances, and so do we. This lens is a keeper, for sure.

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