I was so happy to see ThinkTank has expanded their Digital Holster series with the addition of the Digital Holster 150. This new larger size comes in response to photographers demand for a holster that can fit the growing number of 150-600mm sized lenses on the market. I have been waiting for it since I bought my Fujinon XF200mm f2 telephoto lens earlier this year. Not only will it fit my Fujifilm X-T3 with power grip mounted with Fujinon XF200mm f2 telephoto lens with the lens hood on. That is a huge benefit to me as the camera is always ready for shooting. There are also pockets for filters, extenders, memory card holders and a tripod/monopod strap on the side.

When I shot the Whistler Crankworx mountain bike event, I can now put my big lens back to the holster while shooting the wild angle shots. The lens is now inside a safe place instead of getting any hit from the ground. I could also change the setup with one camera body with 2 lenses with a divider easily.

Carrying this holster is quite comfy over the shoulder even with my MindShift Backlight 26L. I would prefer to have it on my ThinkTank Pro Speed belt if I don’t have to carry my backpack.

All in all, I am certainly seeing a lot of lenses like these out in people’s hands these days. I particularly like the fact that you can stash an extender in the side pocket and a monopod on the other side. That’s all you need right there for sports, actions or wildlife walk.

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