Whether you are travelling on a cruise ship, ferryboat, or even seaplane, travelers to Alaska’s southeastern “panhandle” are rewarded with some of the world’s most extraordinary scenic beauty. The Inside Passage‘s long fjords, snow-capped mountains, and timber-lined slopes are dotted with abundant wildlife and towns of cultural and historical significance.

Tracy Arm Fjord – Many people consider Glacier Bay National Park to be the jewel of the Inside Passage. And while it is certainly magnificent, the less visited and equally dramatic Tracy Arm Fjord that naturalist John Muir called 'one of the most dramatically stunning fjords of Southeast Alaska'.

The beauty of cruising with a high-speed catamaran allows us to get as close as possible to the ever-changing face of South Sawyer Glacier. Once we reached the glacier itself, we marveled at the calving icebergs crashing thunderously into the water, each break representing another step in a steady retreat. We also photographing the beautiful North Sawyer Glacier that cannot be approached by large cruise ships.

The weather is raining lightly and cloudy that paints the overwhelming scene in front of us with stable lighting. The lighting condition is perfectly for capturing all the details of the glacier and blue ice. We are truly in photographic paradise. We simply hang out in front of the glacier, mesmerized at this incredible scene, waiting for a big chunk of ice to fall off for our shot. Eventually a good-sized piece on the left side does collapse into the water with a roar and a splash.

We saw a dazzling array of wildlife along the ice-carved passage, including pods of whales, mountain goats, bears, bald eagles, harbor seals and puffins. Seeing these animals and experience truly authentic Alaskan communities that few others, even native Alaskans, get a chance to see. Here’s a look into some of the coastal island places I visited, all of that are inaccessible by road.

PS. I was travelling light with my X-T3, XF18-55mm & XF200mm lenses.

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