Over the years, I have been working as a photojournalist and developing my ‘style’ on how to tell a story. I photograph each wedding day in a reportage/documentary style, which means that I'm not focused on directing the day but on capturing it in the best way possible as it unfolds. I believe that every wedding is a unique story. I focus on capturing the special moments as they occur in order to translate the emotions, reactions, and the stories into beautiful images.

My work is all about catching the right moment... and it only happens once. That’s why it is so important you have the tools to capture that moment as beautifully as possible.

My Current Camera Bag & Gears for Weddings

I am currently using a ThinkTank Airport Navigator Rolling that I think is perfect for my wedding work. It’s so important for me to be able to carry my equipments from location to location safely and effortlessly. I typically shoot with three camera bodies and the fourth one is sitting in my bag as backup. By carrying all these gears, backpack is no longer an option for me.

Another thing that I liked about the roller is that unlike other larger rollers, all the weight is at the bottom that puts less stress on your lower body if you are rolling around the town all day. Don’t want to roll it down those stairs, the shoulder strap is there for you as well. That is one of the best parts about this roller. Would you like to carry a heavy bag on your shoulders after working for 12 hours, so just roll it away. 

The bag provides dual access, front and top openings for rapid access to all my gears.

2 x Fujifilm X-T2’s

1 x Fujifilm X-Pro 2

1 x Fujifilm X-T20

1 x XF23mm F2

1 x XF50mm F2

1 x XF56mm F1.2

1 x XF16-55mm F2.8

1 x XF50-140mm F2.8

1 x MCEX-16 Macro Extension Tube

1 x Cactus RF60X flash

1 x Cactus RF60 flash

1 x Cactus EP-1 battery pack

2 x Cactus Wireless Flash Transceiver V6 II

8 x additional rechargeable AA batteries

5 x NP-W126 batteries

1 x SD-Card holder with four spare memory cards

1 x Rogue Diffusion Panel

CTO gels for the speedlites

Accessories for the cleaning and various materials

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