X-T20 My First Impression - Joe Ng


It was a nice trip visiting Japan and attending the 2017 CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging show (the largest exhibition in Asia) in Yokohama. I had the opportunity to meet with some of the great Fujifilm staff and learnt a lot from them.

One of the products we talked about was the X-T20. I wasn’t in the X-T20 testing team so I haven’t get a chance to work on it so far. I decided to take it with me for my first assignment, HSBC Canada Sevens World Rugby tournament, right after I was back in town.

I shot with the X-T20 alongside with X-T2 on day one. I must admit that the lack of a focus point joystick on the X-T20 means it doesn’t make it as a good second body for X-T2. The way of shooting process is way different between these two cameras. We have been spoiled since Fujifilm introduced the focus joystick on X-Pro 2 and X-T2. My muscle memory keeps searching the joystick when I switch to the X-T20. That causes me to pay for the price which was missed quite some shots. I seldom shoot with the LCD as I can nail the exposure 99% through the EVF. So the touch screen only helps me when I’m browsing the photos, ie. zoom and move the images around. I would say the X-T1 and X-T10 was a way better pairing as they share the same shooting process.

However as a stand alone camera, the X-T20 gives you the best buck of money. It packed with the same latest 24.3MP X-Trans sensor, X-T2 AF focusing mechanism and 4K video… etc. Lot of same features pass down from X-T2 to this little brother. I have no doubt about its capability shooting actions, from your kid’s soccer or hockey games to the big games as well as a good size as a carrying around camera. I will let the photos to tell the truth.

For the technically minded, the X-T20 fitted with the XF100-400mm lens and XF16-55mm lens. All of the photos are SOOC with very minimum or no adjustment.

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