Welcome to my Fujifilm X-T2 Initial Excitement & Thought I guess lot of you have been wondering what features and functions will Fujifilm implement into the X-T2. Especially the X-Pro 2 has set a high bar. What can differentiate the difference between these two top of the line models.

It is a camera that I have personally been very eager to see to be released, especially it was a memorable moment that I switched from Nikon DSLR to Fujifilm X-T1 for all my working assignments. Being a firm believer of the original X-T1 since the day that was released.

NOTE: Before I start, it’s worth noting that yes, I am an official Fujifilm X-Photographer but that is a non-contract, non-obligation relationship. I can express my comments and opinions freely based on my experience. Fujifilm selected me to have a prototype as they know I shoot exclusively with their cameras and they wanted me to test the camera and give them feedback during that period.

This Fujifilm X-T2 review is based on my few months with the camera. Please note that the camera that I am using in this Fujifilm X-T2 blog post is a prototype/pre-production model that I received directly from Fujifilm Japan. The image quality was not final in all my sample photos posted on this blog. I have had this camera since April 2016. This Fujifilm X-T2 post is based on my real working assignments and how the camera reacts, behaves and delivers rather than a pixel by pixel analysis of the sensor and images. I am not going to dive into too much technical detail, rather, I am focusing at what I think are the key features and what has impressed me, and perhaps, didn’t impress me, with the X-T2 in the time I’ve had it.

Remembering that this Fujifilm X-T2 post is based on a prototype/pre-production model, the engineers are still sharpening some functions. So I might receive more firmwares update before it shipped in September. I will be following this post up once the X-T2 production version was released.

So let’s see what are the new features that differentiate the X-T2 from X-Pro 2.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

This is the front of the chassis. Looks familiar, right?

Here you can see the Fujifilm X-T2 with the Fujinon XF16-55mm lens attached. Those of you who have used the X-T1 will see that the X-T2 is very similar in build and design styling.

Physically, the X-T2 has the following dimensions: (W) 132.5mm × (H) 91.8mm × (D)49.2mm which is marginally bigger than than the X-T1. I like the slightly larger new power grip that added more grip especially when shooting with the XF100-400mm lens hand held. The increased size grip can carry two NP-W126 batteries plus one battery sitting inside the camera body, I can shoot over a thousand photos easily without looking for my battery packs.

The Fujifilm X-T2 prototype that I have including a newly design NP-W126 battery that is more heat resistant for the 4K recording. It is a very common issue when shooting 4K with a small camera body. I witnessed the Sony A7SII and A7RII stopped automatically after 20-30 minutes of 4K video shooting. I have done a couple 4K shoots and have not yet hit the heat issue that caused the camera to stop. I will update on this blog with my ongoing video shoots result and finding.

Untitled photo

Around the back of the camera we don’t see a big changes to the button layout. It looks almost identical to the X-T1 except Q button takes over the old FOCUS ASSIST button location. The original Q button location becomes the appreciated focus point adjustment Joystick – same approach as X-Pro 2. As I am not a “focus and recompose” shooter, so I greatly appreciate the joystick approach and it makes my life much easier. The New three-direction tilting LCD screen does help for my low angle portrait shoot in my wedding assignments.


AF-C Custom Setting

This is my most excited part. As half of my assignments are covering sports/actions events, I have been waiting for this settings since day 1 using the X-T1. It is finally here.

I have been playing around with different setting in the AF-C. It does improve on auto focus tracking on moving subjects in different activities. I will update my finding in my blog and feel free to browse the sample photos here.

4K video

I do have video and filming assignments alongside with my normal photojournalist and wedding assignments. My video working experience was back in 90s with Sony Betacam and Avid digital video editing suite in broadcast video industry. Lot of people might not be aware that Fujifilm is one of the big players in broadcast video, specifically the Fujinon broadcast TV & CINE lenses. So they have the technical knowhow and they can easily pass the latest video technology down to the X Series cameras.


I have been waiting for Fujifilm to release the 4K video feature in their cameras lineup and am so excited with what I have seen so far.

Please find a 4K footage that I shot at one of my recent video assignments in June.

Wing-wah Chan – Praises of Thanksgiving (Fujifilm X-T2 4K video)

Final Thoughts for Now

So, I hope my initial thought of the Fujifilm X-T2 has been useful. I have been shooting with the X-T1 since day 1 and I suppose this Fujifilm X-T2 blog post is a culmination of all that time shooting. I have grown up with it and watched it mature from tried to be a game changer to advanced photographic system that it is today.

I’ve had almost every possible combination of conversations with people about switching from DSLR to the Fujifilm X-Series and you know what? The actual fact of the matter is…..

Some people will never make the jump,

Some will bite the bullet, and go back to their comfort zone (DSLR),

But for the people who do experience the X-Series, they will stay, and they will appreciate, as I do, what a very capable and well defined system it is.

Fujifilm has taken the X-T2 to the next level. It delivers 4K video, shoot at 12,800 ISO (usable), a tilt screen and it is an APS-C sensor… It is just a beginning, Fujifilm is one of the giant players in broadcast video industry. I can’t wait to see when the broadcast technology passed down to the X Series cameras in near future.


It is quick, it is small, it is light, it makes incredible images, reasonable pricing and the lenses are amazing, the company behind it are empathetic and way above all of that…..perhaps the most important thing is the fact that it is pleasurable to use – it is a photographer’s camera .

Photographing using the X-series is enjoyable, it is fun, made me to do more of not less.

Remember, this is just my initial thoughts based on few months of using it. The camera I have is a prototype/pre-production model, the image quality is not final. Some, perhaps even all of what I speak about in this Fujifilm X-T2 blog post above might be different by the time the production camera comes out.

It would be amazing, if you found this blog post useful, if you could share it on Facebook and Twitter. I would really appreciate it.

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